Tesla introduces new wheels options for upcoming Model Y and automatically upgrades existing reservation holders

When the Model 3 was first revealed at an event in March 2016, one of the prototype vehicles on stage had black ‘wind turbine’ wheels, which many people hoped would make it into production.

Tesla Model 3 wind turbine wheels

Two years later when the Model 3 was finally released, the sought after wheels were not included. Now as the Model Y is about to begin the first deliveries, Tesla has introduced the Überturbine wheels as an optional upgrade on the electric SUV.

Telsa Uberturbine wheels

Previously on the Performance Model, you were only able to select the existing 20″ Performance wheels that come with the Model 3.

The 21″ wheels are included in the ‘Performance Upgrade’ for the Performance version of the Model Y, which also includes other upgrades like an increased top speed from 233 km/h to 250 km/h, Performance Brakes, Lowered suspension, and Aluminum alloy pedals.

In addition to the Überturbine wheels, Tesla also changed the standard wheels for the Long Range version, switching them from the standard 18″ aero wheels from the Model 3 to the newly released 19″ Gemini wheels.

Tesla Gemini Model Y wheels

Existing reservation holders have noticed they have been automatically upgraded to the new wheels options at no extra cost.

The Model Y now has only two variants, the Long Range and Performance models, both of which got a big range boost yesterday. They are priced at $72,390 and $84,390 respectively in Canada. The first deliveries will begin in the US in March, with Canada getting deliveries in mid-2020.

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