Tesla Model Y Is Netherland’s Best-Selling Car in November & 2023

The Tesla Model Y continues to dominate Europe. The electric SUV became the best-selling vehicle of any type in the Netherlands in November and for the eleven months of 2023.

Car sales in the Netherlands showed growth in November. There were 28,362 vehicles registered last month, up from 27,746 in 2022 (an increase of 1.8 percent). A total of 343,221 new passenger cars were registered in 2023. The total number for the full year is expected to be 357,000 units.

Among brands, the leader in November is Kia with 2,736 registrations and a market share of almost 10 percent. Volkswagen is in second place with 2,603 vehicles. Skoda is in third place with 2,145 units sold. Tesla, which registered 2,112 vehicles, and Toyota, with 1,855 units, are in fourth and fifth places, respectively. However, the best-selling models were Tesla cars.

Tesla Model Y was the undisputed top seller in November with 1,323 registrations. In second place is Kia Picanto with 929 vehicles. In third place is Tesla Model 3 with 718 units sold. Volvo XC40 (electric + hybrid) is in fourth place with 658 sales. Volkswagen Polo closes out the top five with 641 units.

Sales data for the eleven months of 2023 also shows an interesting picture. Tesla Model Y became the best-selling car of any type during this period. The American manufacturer registered 12,254 units. Its closest competitor is Kia Picanto with 10,144 sales. Peugeot 208 is in third place with 9,075 registrations. Volvo XC40 is in fourth place with 7,547 sales. Volkswagen Polo closes out the top five with 6,893 registrations in 2023.

The situation may still change, but Tesla Model Y has a high chance of maintaining its leading position and becoming the best-selling car in the Netherlands in all of 2023. The electric SUV has long been a favorite in many European countries. It is the best-selling car of any powertrain type in the region and in the world.

Tesla Model Y likely to emerge as Europe’s best-selling car in 2023

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