Elon Musk arrives in Germany as Giga Berlin construction continues at breakneck speed

On Sunday Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed he was making his way to Germany this week to check on progress at one of Tesla’s two factories currently under construction (and the partnership with CureVac).

Musk arrived in Germany yesterday, with one of his first stops taking him to visit CureVac’s facilities in Tübingen.

The next stop on his itinerary will take him to Grünheide, just outside of Berlin to see first hand the construction taking place at Giga Berlin. When he arrives, he’ll be in for a pleasant surprise as crews have almost completed the shell of the first building.

The Drive Unit building, which first began to take shape last month, now has walls and crews have already begun installing the roof.

Other noticeable changes recently include paving of all roads on the site, the great hall of the paint shop has progressed, and new piles have been set for the press area. The first pillars in that area will soon be installed that were prefabricated off-site, a construction method that has helped the breakneck speed of construction.

If things continue to progress like this, Tesla should easily be able to meet their goal of having the first cars rolling off the production line in mid-2021.

You can check out this video below from August 30 which gives a great overview of the site, and shows how much construction has occurred in just a few months.

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