First Standard Range Tesla Model Y delivered in California [Video] – Update

On January 7 2021, Tesla added the Standard Range (SR) Model Y to its lineup. At the time, the Design Studio gave an estimated delivery date of 2-5 weeks.

In what is becoming a trend as of late, the new electric SUV arrived right on schedule with the first delivery happening on January 21 in Rocklin, California.

The new owner, MrAnayalater on YouTube, explains he ordered the electric SUV just 5 days ago on January 16. According to the video, the black on white Model Y was handed over at Tesla Rocklin with a full 100% charge, displaying an estimated range of 225 miles (362km), below the rated 244 miles (393km).

This number is just an estimate though shouldn’t be cause for concern. It can fluctuate based on a number of factors like driving style, temperature, etc.. We suggest setting your vehicle to display percentage charge remaining.

From the video we can see the new Model Y still features the old center console design. It also does not appear to have the new headlights first seen on the Model 3 refresh.

UPDATE: Another delivery also happened in Burbank, California. This white SR Model Y was delivered to Jan Zari, who confirmed his new car came with the heated steering wheel.

The SR Model Y starts at $56,290 CAD ($41,990 USD). Residents of British Columbia and Quebec can get an additional $3,000 and $8,000 off respectively thanks to their provincial rebate programs.

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