Tesla updates Design Studio to list new and increased range estimates, updated specs, and new naming conventions [Update]

Tesla has made some significant changes to its website tonight, updating several aspects of the Design Studio to give customers more information before purchasing a car.

The changes also include updated specs for each based on configuration options selected, which have resulted in improved overall ranges on a full charge.

UPDATE 8:39pm PST: The changes are a result of Tesla shifting to 2022 model year production, a move which was confirmed by former employee Hunter Noel on Twitter.

Naming Convention Changes

The least significant update tonight was a change to how Tesla names their vehicles, in particular the Model 3 Standard Range Plus (SR+).

Now it is simply referred to as “Model 3”, with the Long Range (LR) and Performance variants of the Model 3/Y now including the model in the name.

new namesThe Model S and Model X also saw a name change, now referred to as “Model S/X” and “Model S/X Plaid.”

sx change

Wheel Configuration and Range Changes

Perhaps the biggest update is that Tesla now lists the range estimates based on the options you select for your car. Naturally the biggest impact on range is the wheel size you select, but it can even be affected by selecting changing the seat configurations in the Model Y and Model X.

With the standard aero wheels selected on the Model 3, the base model now has a 438km (272 mile) range, up from 423km (263 mile) listed previously.

The Long Range has also seen a change, increasing to 576km (357 miles) from 568km (353 miles) with the aero wheels, and 538km (334 miles) with the 19″ Sport wheels selected.

  • Model 3 (18″) – 423km to 438km
  • Model 3 Long Range (18″) – 568km to 576km
  • Model 3 Performance – no change

The range of the Model Y Long Range has also increased slightly with the stock 19″ Gemini wheels. The Design Studio now says it can travel 531km (332 miles) instead of 525km (326 miles) on a full charge.

Opting for the larger 20″ Induction wheels reduces the range to 512km.

  • Model Y Long Range (19″) – 525km to 531km
  • Model Y Performance – no change

Even selecting the 7-seat configuration in the Model Y reduces the range by 6km (4 miles).

You can check out the website to see all the range changes with the different wheel and configuration options.

Spec Changes

Along with the increased range, the performance specs for the entry-level Model 3 has unfortunately decreased.

The Model 3 (previously SR+) used to have a 0-60mph time of 5.3 seconds. With tonight’s changes, this is now listed at 5.8 secs (5.6 to 6.1 seconds for 0-100km/h).

This, along with the increased range estimates above, could suggest new orders for the base Model 3 now include the heavier lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery pack, something which Tesla recently said it is doing during the Q3 2021 earnings call.

Keep checking back for updates as we unpack all the changes to the website.

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