Standard Range Tesla Model Y added to list of eligible vehicles for Quebec’s $8K rebate

The new Standard Range Tesla Model Y is now officially listed as an eligible vehicle for Quebec’s Roulez vert electric vehicle (EV) rebate program.

Added to Tesla’s Design Studio last week, the Standard Range Model Y comes with 393km of range. Priced at $56,290, it is only $3,300 more expensive than the Standard Range Plus (SR+) Model 3, making it a very attractive option in the SUV marketplace.

Unfortunately it does not qualify for the federal iZEV rebate program, which would reduce the price by $5,000. If you live in Quebec though, you will be able to take advantage of your province’s Roulez vert rebate program.

This week the SR Model Y was officially added to the list of eligible vehicles, meaning you can get one of the electric SUVs for just $48,290.

While not quite as generous, the SR Model Y also qualifies for British Columbia’s EV rebate program, giving buyers $3,000 off the purchase price.

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