New Tesla Model 3 headlights now appearing on cars in North America [Update]

In August Drive Tesla reported exclusively on the new Tesla Model 3 headlights which had a new outer lens. The headlights made their first appearance after the refresh 2021 Model 3 started deliveries in Europe in November.

There have been several comparison videos made between the old and the new headlights, which project a very different pattern of light with much more defined edges.

They were originally thought to be destined for European and Chinese vehicles only, but they have now started appearing in North America. A user on the TMC forums who goes by the name los343 took delivery of his Model 3 yesterday, December 18 2020 in the Bay Area, and it was equipped with the new headlights. According to the new owner, he was matched to his VIN 869XXX on December 12.

Tesla Model 3 Bay Area new headlights
Image via TMC

Another new owner in California also received his new Long Range Model 3 today. It too was equipped with the new headlights and according to his post on Reddit, his VIN was also 869XXX.

Tesla Model 3 California new headlights
Image via Reddit

UPDATE: They have also arrived in Canada. Steve P. took delivery of his new Standard Range Plus (SR+) at the new Surrey Delivery Center today, December 20, 2020, and it came equipped with the new headlights.

SR+ new headlights
Image via Steve P /Facebook

While the new headlights don’t feature any adaptive abilities just yet, the certifications on the headlight housing in Europe hint that the feature may come in a future software update.

If you have also received a Model 3 with the new headlights, let us know in the comments below, or send an email to

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