Refresh Tesla Model S/X VINs being assigned, deliveries could begin within 3 weeks

Refresh Model S NC front
Image via Branden Flasch

In what may be the best sign that deliveries of the first refresh Tesla Model S vehicles will finally begin soon, some customers are reportedly receiving their vehicle identification numbers (VIN).

According to a reservation holder in Indianapolis, the local Tesla store called him on April 6 to say that although he doesn’t have a VIN yet, some of their customers had received them yesterday.

Along with the information about the VINs, he was also told deliveries of those orders is expected to begin in about three weeks.

Model S refreshed VIN now being assigned from r/teslamotors

News of VINs being assigned was corroborated by former Bernstein analyst and Tesla investor Gary Black. In a tweet today he said he heard the same from a number of sources and that we should start seeing reports of it happening soon.

He also added that it was not just for Model S buyers, but it also included the Model X.

The hope that VINs are being assigned is a good sign after some reservation holders earlier this week saw their delivery dates extended as far as into July.

Hundreds of refresh Model S builds have been spotted at the Fremont factory after a shut down late last year to retool the production lines. Tesla officially reported in the Q1 2021 update that zero Model S/X were produced in the quarter.

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