Modified Tesla Model S Plaid breaks 9-second quarter mile barrier

The Tesla Model S Plaid has officially broken though the 9-second barrier in the quarter mile.

A slightly modified version of the world’s fastest production car was able to cross the line in 8.994 seconds with a trap speed of 155.10mph.

The record-breaking time was set by Christine Dodworth, with her husband George sharing the news on Instagram.

“First Tesla in the WORLD in the 8s! Congrats Christine @gtr_raceher !! We’ve been ready to make the attempt for a few months but between work and weather it was not possible. Elon! Do we have your attention yet ?”

Although the couple didn’t confirm what modifications were done, we can clearly see the Plaid had a new set of rims and tires.

Most of the interior also appears to have been stripped out, likely saving 200-300 pounds in the process.

The closest we’ve seen the Model S Plaid come to breaking the 9-second barrier was just a few months ago. In July at the World Wide Technology Raceway in St. Louis, an owner catapulted his Model S Plaid down the track in a time of 9.08 seconds at 154.10mph (248km/h).

That car was also modified with a completely stripped out interior.

Check out the record setting time in the video below.


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