Tesla’s new 10 teraflop infotainment system GPU specs leaked

When Tesla announced the Model S and Model X refresh on Wednesday, one of the changes was an all-new graphics processing unit (GPU) for the vehicle’s infotainment system. In its documentation, Tesla compared its processing power to that of “today’s newest consoles.”

Game from anywhere

According to a leak of the new gaming computer’s specs on Twitter, the automaker wasn’t kidding when it made that claim.

The diagram comes from Patrick Schur, a well-known leaker of chip information on Twitter. It reveals the new gaming computer is powered by AMD’s Navi 23 GPU with GDDR6 memory in 16Gb (2GB) capacity. With the 4 modules depicted, that means a total of 8GB of memory in total.

Tesla Navi GPU specs
Image via Patrick Schur /Twitter

As noted, Tesla says the system offers up 10 teraflops of processing power. Based on the diagram, the memory is 14Gbps and attached to the 128-bit memory bus. This equates to a maximum bandwidth of 224GB/s, comparable to the Xbox Series S (via videocardz).

The first game to take advantage of some of this processing power is likely to be Witcher III, which is front and center in Tesla’s marketing materials. This game is expected to be added in the second half of the delayed holiday software update.

Model S refresh interior

This actually isn’t the first time Schur has revealed this information. Back in November he said Tesla wanted to use Navi 23 in its car. He backed up the claim with leaked images which were later deleted to protect his sources.

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