Tesla 2020.48.26 Holiday Software Update released

It might be a little later than we all expected, but Tesla has finally released what may be their most anticipated software update ever, 2020.48.26.

The update was first teased by CEO Elon Musk last month. Without providing specifics, the CEO said it was going to be lit (fire emoji). When asked by Vancouverite Toby Li for any hints, Musk only said it was going to have a lot of new features, some of which we didn’t even know we wanted.


Based on information we received from a tipster earlier this week we anticipated the holiday update was going to be 2020.48.25, which we got a sneak peek of yesterday.

The update has just started rolling out, so we’ll add more information as it comes in.

Keep checking back for updates…

Here’s a first look at the release notes (all images via Drive Tesla reader Bhavesh Chauhan). Much like the 2020.48.25 release we saw yesterday, this does not contain all the features we were expecting based on information we had received over the last week. We believe the bugs that CEO Elon Musk mentioned have not all been ironed out just yet, and the update has been split into two parts, hence the reason for the new version number.

Update: Elon Musk has confirmed they weren’t able to get every new feature into this update, so expect another one in the coming weeks.

Release Notes Improvements

Release notes now include improved browsing and access. To view current and previous release notes, tap Controls > Software > Release Notes.

Release notes improvements

Driving Visualization Improvements

The instrument cluster has been refreshed. Autopilot set speed, Autopilot availability, and detected speed limit are now displayed next to the driving speed. Additionally, select items have slightly moved but will continue to look and behave the same.

Driving Viz

Scheduled Departure Improvements

Scheduled Departure can now precondition your battery and cabin even when your car is unplugged. To account for different utility rate plans, you can now set the time when your off-peak rates end to save on charging costs. To access, tap SCHEDULE from the climate control or charging panel when parked.

Scheduled Departure

Supercharger Display Improvements

Supercharger pins on your touchscreen will now display the number of available stalls at charging sites. Quickly search for nearby amenities by tapping an amenity icon on the Supercharger popup display.

Supercharger display

Vehicle Information

The Tesla “T” has been removed from the top status bar. Tap Controls > Software for the same information.

Vehicle info


Turn your car into a boombox and entertain a crowd with your media player when parked. You can also customize the sound your car makes when you press the horn, drive the car or when you car is moving with Summon. Select an option from the downdown menu or insert your own USB device and save up to five custom sounds.

Emissions Testing Mode Improvements

Emissions Testing Mode can now be used outside the car. To setup, select your desired sound and place the cushion on the external speaker. When ready, play selected sound by pressing the left scroll wheel button or using the turn signal. To access, tap the Application Launcher > Toybox > Emissions Testing Mode.


New Games

Three new games have been added to the Arcade

  • Solitaire
  • Cat Quest
  • The Battle of Polytopia – also includes an option to play against others online by setting up a ‘Tesla game profile’
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