Tesla Model S Plaid showcases new 12-volt Li-ion battery

Model S drag co
Image via Tesla

One of the many changes in the new Model S Plaid is a new 12-volt Lithium-ion battery. The new battery replaces the conventional lead-acid battery, which has long been the industry standard in automobiles.

The goal for Tesla is to increase the life cycle and improve convenience for Tesla owners.

The new 12-volt Li-ion battery is lighter, smaller and has a longer lifespan than the older model battery. This move to Li-ion was coming for some time. Considering many Tesla owners see their traditional 12V lead-acid batteries die an early death, the new li-ion battery was a needed change.

The old Tesla battery had a rating of 33-amp hours and 12 volts. The low voltage battery has a rating of 6.9 amps and 15.5 volts.

Image via @tesla_raj /Twitter

Many industry experts believe that the changes we see with the Model S Plaid will be the standard for the next generation of Teslas. Simply put, the new LI-ion battery is a great move.

The new battery makes the S Plaid faster and lighter, and that is never a bad thing.

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