SpaceX in talks with multiple airlines to provide Starlink wi-fi

Starlink satellite in space

SpaceX is in talks with multiple airlines to provide in-flight wi-fi services via Starlink. Starlink has an aviation product in production and hopes to release it shortly.

Although SpaceX would not be the first satellite-based internet company, the company’s announcement sent competitor stocks falling. On the day of the announcement, GoGo, one of the leading aviation internet companies, the stock fell by 9%.

Presently, Starlink would cover the vast majority of the aviation market, especially in the United States. However, the next generation of Starlink satellites will have the ability to have inter-satellite links.

These links allow Starlink to provide trans-Atlantic wi-fi services for both air and marine modes.

However, SpaceX is currently still waiting for approval from the FCC to provide mobile internet to aeroplanes.

The company provided no timeline in the announcement, and SpaceX did not confirm which airlines they have engaged with for the project.

Source: CNBC

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