Tesla lowers Model 3 and Model Y prices in Canada, but increases Model S and Model X Plaid

Tesla has made a number of pricing changes in both Canada and the United States on Thursday night. In Canada the price of the Model 3 and Model Y have been decreased, while increasing the price of the Model S and Model X Plaids, eating slightly into the massive price cuts the company issued in August. Interestingly, there was only one price change in the US, and that was an increase to the Model X Plaid.

Model 3 Price Changes in Canada

The smallest price change of the night is for the Model 3, which saw both the Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) and Long Range (LR) variants decreasing by $1,000, now starting at $53,990 and $63,990 respectively. These price changes do not impact iZEV eligibility as both models will continue to receive the $5,000 federal rebate.

The price of the Performance variant remains unchanged at $73,290.

  • Model 3 RWD: $54,990 to $53,990 (-$1,000)
  • Model 3 LR: $64,990 to $63,990 (-$1,000)

Model Y Price Changes in Canada

The Model Y saw a more substantial price drop on Thursday night, both in terms of the amount and on which trims. According to the online configurator all three models, the RWD, LR, and Performance are now $2,000 cheaper, starting at $57,990, $67,990, and $74,290 respectively.

These price drops bring the Model Y LR and P to their lowest price points ever in Canada. The story is a little bit different for the RWD, as there was a different RWD that was offered for a short period in 2021 for $54,990.

As with the Model 3, these lower prices do not impact federal rebate eligibility for the RWD and LR variants. However it does bring the LR variant tantalizingly close to Quebec’s provincial rebate price threshold of $65,000. If Tesla were to lower it by another $2,990 it would make the electric SUV eligible for the province’s $7,000 rebate, which when combined with the $5,000 federal rebate would bring the price down by $12,000.

  • Model Y RWD: $59,990 to $57,990 (-$2,000)
  • Model Y LR: $69,990 to $67,990 (-$2,000)
  • Model Y P: $76,290 to $74,290 (-$2,000)

Model S and Model X Price Changes in Canada

Unlike the Model 3 and Model Y, Tesla increased prices on the Plaid variants of their two flagship vehicles in Canada. The Model S Plaid saw the smaller of the two increases, up from $122,990 to $124,990. The Model X Plaid was the recipient of the biggest price increase of the night, up $8,000 from $122,990 to $130,990. Despite the big price increase, the Model X Plaid is still well below what it was priced at in August when it was $148,990.

  • Model S Plaid: $122,990 to $124,990 (+$2,000)
  • Model X Plaid: $122,990 to $130,990 (+$8,000)

Model X Price Change in the US

Finally there was only one price change in the US, and that was an increase to the Model X Plaid, which is now $5,000 more expensive at $94,990.

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