Refresh Tesla Model S with yoke steering wheel spotted in Santa Cruz, another spotted in Lake Tahoe with round steering wheel

While we all eagerly wait for the first refresh Tesla Model S deliveries, the automaker continues to test the vehicle on public roads. The latest sightings include test vehicles with both the traditional round steering wheel and also the new yoke steering wheel.

Yoke Steering Wheel

For just the third time, a refresh with the new yoke steering wheel has been spotted, this time parked on the side of a road in Santa Cruz, California.

Unlike most of the previous sightings, the interior of the vehicle was complete, with no missing interior trim pieces. It was also outfitted with the optional 21″ Arachnid wheel that look great, but result in significant range loss.

Painted in Metallic Blue, this is not the same Model S with the yoke wheel spotted last month by The Kilowatts, as that one had 19″ Gemini wheels.

Round Steering Wheel

Another test vehicle was spotted yesterday in Lake Tahoe likely performing some cold weather testing in the snowy conditions. Finished in Midnight Silver, this Model S had the traditional round steering wheel.

It was also missing the same interior trim pieces that have been seen in most of the test vehicles spotted on public roads so far.

It has been more than two months since the refresh Model S and Model X were announced. When it was launched the Design Studio estimated the first deliveries would begin in March, but so far no customers have been told expect delivery.

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