First Refresh Tesla Model S with yoke steering wheel spotted in California

Yoke steering wheel
Credit: The Kilowatts /Twitter

Since its announcement last month, there have been several sighting of the new refresh Tesla Model S. So far all of them have featured a traditional round steering wheel, including one seen yesterday in Emeryville, California.

With deliveries expected to begin within days, the first version of the EV with the yoke steering wheel has been spotted in California.

Spotted by The Kilowatts in Redwood, California, they were able to get up close and personal with this blue Model S giving us our first real-world look at the yoke steering wheel.

Yoke steering wheel
Image via The Kilowatts /Twitter

As we can see from the images, the yoke steering wheel has no stalks. Although we can’t see them, the steering wheel instead has capacitive buttons for things like the turn signals and wiper controls.

They were also able to get some photos of other features of the car, including the second screen for rear passengers. We learned the other day that with a Premium Connectivity subscription, you will be able to stream videos to this second screen while driving.

The Kilowatts also took an up-close photo of the larger side repeaters, and a button on the back of the rear seats to fold them flat.

This sighting is also the first we’ve seen of a car on public roads that has a fully finished interior. All of the others seen so far have been missing dash and trim pieces, including the one seen in a leaked video from Fremont earlier this week.

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