XPeng sets off on cross country autonomous driving expedition in China

Chinese Tesla rival Xpeng kicked off their cross country autonomous driving expedition this weekend. With a fleet of Xpeng P7 electric sedans, the automaker plans to travel a total of 3,675km (2,283 miles) across six provinces in China.

The goal of the expedition is to showcase Xpeng’s version of Autopilot, called Navigation Guided Pilot (NGP). The software will be tested in everyday driving scenarios on China’s highways like automatic highway ramp entering and exiting, lane changing, and overtaking.

Xpeng P7
Image via XPeng

Success will be measured by the number of times human intervention is required per 100 kilometers (62 miles).

Joining Xpeng on the trip is over 200 auto journalists, EV enthusiasts and industry experts. The drive will take place over seven days, finishing in Beijing on March 26.

Xpeng P7
Image via Xpeng
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