Refresh Tesla Model S parking lot has nearly 1,000 cars waiting for delivery

Yesterday we reported on the discovery of a large parking lot near Tesla’s Fremont factory that was housing hundreds of refresh Tesla Model S vehicles.

Thanks to one of our readers we have a better idea of which types of cars are in this parking lot, and just how many there are.

Mark, creator of TeslaTip, ventured out to the location earlier today and shared these images with Drive Tesla. Based on a rough count, the lot has close to 1,000 of the newly built, but very dusty vehicles.

Perhaps most surprising is the colour palette, with only a handful of stock white Model S vehicles amongst the sea of black, blue, and midnight silver sedans.

Red also appears to be an unpopular colour choice with just a few scattered throughout the lot.

Model S lot high panorama copy
Image via @CodingMark /Twitter

The parking lot is now closed off and monitored by a security guard, but Mark was able to get close enough to tell us that all the cars he could see had the yoke steering wheel.

Mark was unable to tell if any of the screens had a left-right tilt which Tesla recently removed from the website as a feature of the new design.

Model S lot interior close up
Image via @CodingMark /Twitter

We are also able to tell from the images that the lot contains both Long Range and Plaid variants of the electric sedan, as seen by the red calipers and carbon fiber spoiler on the trunk lid on some of the cars.

Model S lot Plaid
Image via @CodingMark /Twitter

So far all of the focus has been on the Plaid variant, as Elon Musk is expected to host a special delivery event for these models on June 10 at the Fremont factory.

Based on what we see in this parking lot, the Long Range variants could begin deliveries at the same time.

Special thanks to Mark for taking these pictures and sharing them with us. Be sure to check out TeslaTip to gain quick and easy access to useful data about your vehicle.

Model S lot panorama
Image via @CodingMark /Twitter
Model S lot panorama edited
Image via @CodingMark /Twitter
Model S lot
Image via @CodingMark /Twitter
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