Tesla further updates referral program by removing free car draw

Tesla Model Y referral codes featured

Tesla has quietly made more changes to its popular referral program today, eliminating the chance to win a free car.

Until today any customer who earns a referral was entered for a chance to win either a Model Y every month or a Founders Series Roadster every quarter.

According to an update to Tesla’s mobile app and website, the free draws will no longer apply to referrals earned on or after June 1, 2021.

Customers will still be able to earn 1,500km (1,000 miles) of free Supercharging for each referral.

Referral after


While it is disappointing to no longer have the chance to win either a free Model Y or Roadster, we haven’t heard of many winners since it was introduced.

Last year Tesla enthusiast Tesla Raj was able to track down a couple who had won a free Model Y. We also heard about a customer in Taiwan who won a Model Y with just one referral.

We have yet to hear of anyone winning a Roadster through the draw.

This is just the latest change to the referral program. Last week Tesla sent an email to employees confirming the removal of the referral section from owners accounts online. The email also explained that only owners with a delivered Tesla product were eligible to earn rewards, meaning those with pre-orders or reservations were now excluded.

It is believed further changes are still to come. It was reported last month that Tesla was going to be moving away from shareable referral links and instead incentivize in-person referrals.

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