Watch Tesla’s Model S Plaid active aero wing in action

Earlier this week the Tesla Model S Plaid returned to the Nürburgring less than a month after setting a new EV lap record at the famously difficult race track.

While the record was set with a completely stock Plaid, Tesla brought a number of new weapons on this latest version. The most notable of which was an active aero rear wing.

After spending several days at the track this week, we now have our first footage showing the massive wing in action.

The blue Model S was filmed by statesidesupercars on YouTube. In the video we see the Model S tackling a series of high speed corners, with the wing showing off an incredible range of movement to help slow the car down into the corner and regain speed through the exit. (h/t: @BabyTesla3)

The rear wing was first spotted earlier this summer in California at Laguna Seca. According to information obtained from one of our source, that car was a Plaid+.

Soon after the vehicle was spotted CEO Elon Musk announced in a tweet the variant was cancelled, leaving just the Long Range and Plaid variants.

You can watch the video below, which is over 10 minutes long, but will start at the time the Plaid is featured. Another stock red Plaid is seen in the video without the active aero wing, which can be found 2:28 into the video.

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