Group with ties to Elon Musk purchases more land next to Giga Texas: Report

After announcing a move of its corporate headquarters from Palo Alto, California to Austin, Texas, Tesla and Elon Musk appear to be accumulating a vast amount of real estate in the Lone Star State.

Tesla acquired more than 2,500 acres last year to build its newest factory in the U.S., Giga Texas. The land is located near the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport and north of the Colorado River, and is so big that Giga Texas only covers a small portion of it.

But 2,500 acres was apparently not enough. According to property records filed with the Travis County Clerk’s Office, a limited liability company (LLC) with ties to Musk has purchased somewhere between 300 and 620 acres of land to the southeast of Giga Texas.

Giga Texas lands
Grey: 2,500 acres existing
Blue: corroborated land purchases by Horse Ranch LLC
Yellow: land likely part of the purchase /Austin Business Journal

The records show a group called Horse Ranch LLC purchased the land from the estate of Robert Gill Jr. earlier this year. One of the listed managers of the LLC is Jared Birchall, the CEO of one of Musk’s other companies, Neuralink.

Based on a report by the Austin Business Journal, which discovered the property records, Musk might not have plans for the land any time soon. According to the publication, there is an agreement allowing the previous owners of the property to lease the land for up to five years.

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Additionally, a horse riding facility called Rio Vista Farm appears to still be in operation on some of the land in question.

In 2020 Neuralink published several job postings for the Austin area, showing the company also had plans to move to Texas. The company again posted some Austin-area jobs related to construction earlier this year, hinting that they were planning on building a facility in the region.

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