Tesla increases price of Plaid+ Model S in Canada and U.S., Model 3 and Model Y also get price increase in U.S. only

Price changes

Tesla has made several price adjustments to almost all their vehicles tonight, with some impacting both Canadian and U.S. buyers.

Plaid+ Model S

The biggest price change goes to the vehicle that won’t be available until later this year. The fastest production car ever made will now cost you $10,000 more in both counties.

In Canada it is now priced at $199,990, and in the U.S. it will now set you back $149,990.

Long Range Model Y

After first lowering the price by $1,000 just a few weeks ago, Tesla has changed their minds and increased the price of the Long Range (LR) Model Y in the U.S. only. It is now back its previous price of $60,990.

Model Y prices USAStandard Range Plus and Long Range Model 3

Rounding out the price changes tonight are two variants of the Model 3. Both the Standard Range Plus (SR+) and Long Range (LR) Model 3 are now $500 more expensive in the U.S. only at $37,490 and $46,490.

Model 3 prices USA

Why didn’t Canada see more price increases?

There has been much discussion over the last few months about the differences between Canadian and U.S. prices. Based on current exchange rates, Tesla’s entire lineup is overpriced compared to prices south of the border. For example the Model S is $16,000 more expensive.

That discrepancy is likely what has saved Canadians from seeing these price increases tonight, as there is more of a buffer to absorb them. The only outlier is the Plaid+ Model S whose price increase is likely driven by the new technology that will be going into it.

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