Tesla Model S with new taillight design and possible CCS charge port spotted at Fremont factory

On the heels of announcing a delay in Model S orders to markets outside of North America, Tesla has been spotted testing a new taillight design intended for these markets.

In a drone flyover of the Fremont factory test track, a Midnight Silver Model S was seen with what at first appears to be the same taillights that have been on the electric sedan since before the refresh.

But a closer look reveals a few key changes.

The first is the black trim piece on the trunk no longer extends into the taillights. In fact, it looks like Tesla has followed the design of the Model 3 and Model Y and removed the trim piece altogether.

Credit: Chile Al100 /YouTube

Another design change that seems to flow from the 3/Y is a change to the charge port door. From a side angle, the charge port door appears to be larger and takes up the entire side panel.

Currently the charge port door in the Model S (and Model X) is a small flap.

This could indicate an update to include a CCS port for Europe and other markets where that charging protocol is standard.

charge port
Credit: Chile Al100 /YouTube

You can see the Model S on the Fremont test track below.



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