India Director for Starlink Sanjay Bhargava steps down

The India Director for Starlink, Sanjay Bhargava, has stepped down from his position in a sudden and dramatic high-profile exit.

The announcement came on Bhargava’s personal LinkedIn account.

Bhargava first announced his departure with a simple message yesterday, noting he stepped down. As per the post, his last working day was December 31, 2021.

He then posted a longer post with a poem. As per Bhargava, the reason he stepped down is in the poem.

Finally, this morning, he noted that he retired and is considering writing a whitepaper.

Losing the India Director for Starlink comes as the company faces increasing pressure from the Indian government.

The government demanded Starlink cease selling pre-orders and follow Indian regulations in late 2021. Yesterday, Starlink sent out an email to those who pre-ordered the service, noting that they could get a full refund anytime and that the timeline was not clear for the service.

In reporting, Starlink confirmed they are working on their licence application, and they hope to put through a pilot program before releasing the broader service to the country. The pilot program would be in 10 rural Lok Sabha constituencies.

Neither Starlink nor SpaceX provided a comment on the situation in India or on Bhargava’s stepping down.

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