Tesla updates Model 3 Design Studio with new default selections as delivery wait times continue to grow

Last week Drive Tesla told you about extended delivery wait times for the Standard Range Plus (SR+) Model 3 in Canada and the United States.

Buyers selecting the stock white colour combined with the standard 18″ aero wheels would potentially have to wait until June 2022 to receive their new car.

In an apparent attempt to drive customers away from those selections and receive a car in a much shorter time frame, Tesla has updated the Model 3 Design Studio with new default selections.

When launching the online configurator for the Model 3, it no longer defaults to the SR+ variant. Instead it now starts off with the more expensive Long Range (LR) variant.

Additionally, the no charge 18″ aero wheels have been replaced as the default selection with the 19″ Sport wheels. The price of the Sport wheels ($2,000 CAD/$1,500 USD) has not changed.

With the new default selections, the estimated delivery date has been reduced to December 2021.Tesla December 2021

It is interesting to note you can still select the SR+ with the 19″ Sport wheels and receive an estimated delivery date of April 2022, still two months quicker than with the stock Aero wheels.

While the long wait times are not the best news for customers, it is translating into record success for the automaker. Last week the company announced its best quarter ever, delivering over 241K vehicles at a time when most automakers saw huge declines in sales due to the ongoing global chip shortage.

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