Tesla now offering Tire Protection Plans in California

Tesla has started offering a new type of warranty for their vehicles in the form of Tire Protection Plans. The new program is currently only available to owners in California and covers repairs or replacements for tires and wheels damaged by typical road hazards.

According to the Tire Protection Plan support page on Tesla’s website, pricing varies depending on the model and wheel size, and do not cover cosmetic damages, theft, or vandalism. For instance, Model 3 owners with 18″ wheels can purchase the plan for $35 per tire, equating to $140 for complete coverage. Those with 19″ wheels can secure coverage for a little more money, $55 per tire ($220 total).

Similarly, Model S, Model X, and Model Y have their own pricing structures, with variations based on wheel sizes, going all the way up to $90 per tire ($360 total) for the Model S with 19″ wheels and the Model X with 20″ wheels.

Interestingly, there is no plan offered for the largest wheels Tesla offers on each of their vehicles, the 20″ or 21″  Überturbine wheels on the Model 3 and Model Y Performance, or the 21″ Arachnids and 22″ Turbines on the Model S and Model X respectively.

Model Wheel Size Price (per tire)
Model 3 18″ wheels
19″ wheels
Model Y 19″ wheels
20″ wheels
Model S 19″ wheels $90
Model X 20″ wheels $90

The catch with Tesla’s Tire Protection Plans are they they are only good for one year. Additionally, the plan has to be purchased within 7 days or 100 miles of taking delivery of your new car. The plans are transferrable however, should you decide to sell your Tesla within the first year of ownership.

Tesla does not say when they plan to offer these plans outside of California, but based on the wording used on their website it is only a matter of time until they do.

Will you be purchasing these Tesla Tire Protection Plans for your next car? Let us know in the comments below. You can also read the full terms and conditions below.

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