New Tesla Model 3 aces 70mph range test

Much has been said about the range of Tesla vehicles, especially in recent weeks after the automaker updated their EPA-rated figures across nearly their entire lineup after changes to the EPA testing cycle. With the imminent start of deliveries of the new Model 3 in North America, the electric sedan has been subjected to a 70mph (113km/h) range test, and it passed with flying colours.

When Tesla added the upgraded Model 3 to its website in Canada and the US earlier this month, the Long Range (LR) variant was listed as being able to travel 548 km or 341 miles on a full charge.

Eager to put that figure to the test, Dan from What’s Inside was able to get his hands on a new Model 3 Long Range (with the 18” Photon wheels) for a two-week test, and one of the first things he did was to see how far it could drive with a full battery. After charging the battery to 100%, the computer estimated the vehicle’s range at 534km (332 miles), and with temperatures hovering around 55°F-60°F (12°C-15°C), Dan set off on his drive, attempting to maintain a speed of 70mph for as much of it as possible.

After depleting the battery all the way down to 0%, the computer showed the Model 3 consumed 74kWh and had travelled 327 miles. That is just 14 miles off, or 96%, of the rated range. However, the car was still functioning at 0%, and Tesla is known to have a buffer below 0% displayed range, meaning this Model 3 would likely have come very close to getting 341 miles if Dan had continued driving until the EV actually died. EVs also operate best at slightly warmer temperatures, so the range might have even been able to exceed the rating in ideal conditions.

Credit: What’s Inside | YouTube

Dan also tested the Supercharging capabilities of the new Model 3. With a nearly empty battery, the car was able to gain 257km (160 miles) after being plugged in at a V3 Supercharger for 15 minutes, just shy of the advertised 281km (175 miles), peaking at 257kW for a brief period. However, the battery was not pre-conditioned, so it was likely charging a little slower at the beginning than it otherwise could have.

You can check out Dan’s full video with the new Model 3 below.

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