Tesla Model 3/Y delivery dates extended into June in Canada and U.S., Model S as long as 10-14 weeks

Tesla has updated their website today showing delivery estimates for the Model 3 and Model Y as far as three months away in Canada and the United States.

The long delivery wait times only affect certain provinces in Canada. Some regions show orders placed today can still receive cars in as little as 2-4 weeks. The longest wait times go as far as into June for the Model 3 in six provinces.

Model 3 waits


The story isn’t much better for the Model Y. British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan are all showing 2-4 week delivery estimates. Buyers in six provinces will have to wait as long as 11 weeks to receive their new cars.

Model Y waits

The delays could be a result of a partial shutdown of the Model 3 production line at Fremont last month due to a shortage from a parts supplier. Originally thought to last as long as 2 weeks, production line workers were called back after just a few days off the job.

Buyers eagerly awaiting for their refresh Model S in Canada might have a long wait in store as well. Delivery estimates for both the Long Range and Plaid variants are as long as 10-14 weeks in eastern provinces. If you want to get it sooner you might want to move to B.C. as it is estimated to arrive in as little as 4 weeks.

The refresh Model X currently has no estimated delivery date.

Model S X waits

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