Tesla Semi spotted lapping Fremont test track [Video]

One of the latest builds of the Tesla Semi truck has been spotted driving around the Fremont factory test track, appearing to be filmed for a promotional video.

Two short drove flyover videos were taken above the track by Chris Nguyen on March 5, 2021. According to the video description, we only get less than a minute of footage due to issues he was having with drone.

We can see in the first video the white Tesla Semi taking the sweeping banked turn behind a Model Y with its trunk open.

The second video shows the end of a session with the Semi and Model Y pulling into an area with another Model Y and two Model 3’s.

Even though they’re short, we can clearly see this is the new Tesla Semi design first seen in January on a California highway. Since then, several other Semi’s with the same design have been spotted as far away as Chicago.

With an elongated side window, the new semi design appears to invalidate a number of claims in Nikola Motors’ patent infringement lawsuit against Tesla.

h/t: @28delayslater

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