Tesla Model S Plaid breaks quarter-mile record again: 8.77 seconds at 162.55mph [Video]

Last month we told you about a Tesla Model S Plaid in Napierville, Quebec that set the new record for the fastest quarter-mile time for the electric sedan at 8.83 seconds and 161mph.

The Model S had a stripped out interior for weight savings, as well as SV104 wheels wrapped in Mickey Thompson drag radials at the rear and Michelin PS4 tires on the front.

Not content with the blistering fast time, the same Model S Plaid has set a new record this week. At the same track in Napierville the Model S crossed the line in just 8.77 seconds at 162.55mph (261.60km/h). Unlike last time, there is a video of the record run which you can see below.

As for what changed that allowed the car to go faster this time the owner, TMC user mulot30th, said there was an additional 60lb weight saving over the previous attempt due to someone else being behind the wheel on the run.

Additionally he said there a slight change to the suspension.

“Main change is suspension geometry change (slight) which reduce “tire drag” a little bit at least that is what I intended to do with that and have worked,” he said.

Interestingly, the top speed at the end of his quarter mile run of 162.55mph is inches away from the electronically limited top speed (when not in Track Mode) of 163mph.

As we first told you about earlier this week, Quebec-based Ingenext was able to hack their way past that limiter and reached a top speed of 216mph (347km/h).

As for this Model S Plaid, the owner says that while the car does not feel like it is slowing down when crossing the line, he feels there is not much room to improve beyond 8.77s with the current setup.

You can check out the record run below.

UPDATE: Added a second video which includes an in-car view of another 8.80s run.

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