Tesla Model 3/Y air suspension resurfaces in latest firmware update

Despite claims by Tesla CEO Elon Musk that air suspension will remain an exclusive feature for the Model S and Model X (and eventually the Cybertruck), new images have been added to the latest firmware update that hint the it might still be coming to the Model 3 and Model Y.

The images were discovered by Tesla hacker @greentheonly in the 2021.36 update that was deployed earlier today. According to green, two new images show what appears to be an air suspension setup depicted through the use of blue highlighted suspension lines (on the right).


Although there is no explicit reference to air suspension, this is the same way the feature is shown for the Model X.

As with previous hints that have popped up over the years that the feature may be coming to the Model 3/Y, this could mean nothing.

In early 2020 the Model 3 Parts Catalog mysteriously received a new air suspension part. That clue was shot down soon after by Musk saying at the time “no air suspension planned for Model 3 and Model Y.”

Just one month after that another reference to the feature was spotted in the Model Y online training manual for collision repair centers. According to an image of the manual shared on Reddit that was later deleted, the “Electrical Systems Overview” showed the Model Y’s front controller as having a function of “Tesla Air Suspension (TAS)”.

With the number of clues and hints that have been discovered about the feature, it wouldn’t be surprising to see it show up in the vehicles at some point in the future. Musk also said the Model Y was too small for Bioweapon Defense Mode, and the electric SUV now has the feature.

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