Tesla increases U.S. Model Y prices by $1,000, now $10,000 more expensive than earlier this year

Another week, another price increase for the Tesla Model Y in the US.

After raising the price by $1,000 last Thursday, Tesla again raised the price last night of both variants of the electric SUV by another $1,000.

  • Long Range – $57,990 to $58,990 (+$1,000)
  • Performance – $62,990 to $63,990 (+$1,000)

With the latest round of increases, the Model Y Long Range is $10,000 more expensive than it was earlier in the year.

In February Tesla dropped the price by $1,000 to $48,990 on the same day they cancelled the Standard Range variant.

Despite the massive increase in price over the course of the year, demand for the Model Y has only soared.

Estimated delivery dates for the stock configuration on the entry-level variant are almost a full year away, now into October 2022.

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