An air suspension option may soon be coming to the Tesla Model 3 [Update]

The Tesla Model S and Model X both already have air suspension setups, first introduced in early 2019, allowing the driver to adjust the height of the vehicle using the in-car display depending on road or driving conditions at the time.

The Tesla Model 3 was supposed to have an air suspension option soon after it was released, but those plans were shelved as it introduced too many complexities into the production process of the popular sedan. This was at a time when Tesla was trying to ramp up production to keep up with demand.

Now it appears the long awaited air suspension may soon be coming to AWD versions of the Model 3, as parts for the configuration were spotted in the Tesla Parts Catalogue.

Tesla Model 3 AWD Air Suspension

While this information doesn’t provide any clues about when this option will be available for Model 3 purchasers, or if it existing Model 3 owners will be able to retrofit their vehicles with the air suspension setup, it is a pretty good sign that it should be coming soon.

While it would certainly be nice to have the option to change the ride height at the press of a button, and potentially get improved efficiency, it would be equally not as nice to have to pay a hefty repair bill should the system fail or leak.

Would you prefer an air suspension in your Model 3? Let us know in the comments below.

UPDATE: Elon Musk has confirmed on Twitter the Model 3 will not be getting air suspension. Only the S/X/Cybertruck.

Musk tweet Model 3 air suspension

Featured image via CleanTechnica
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