Reference to Tesla Model Y air suspension found in online training manual

Tesla Model Y air suspension

The surprises from the Model Y keep on coming, with the latest being a a reference to the electric SUV potentially having an air suspension.

Found in the Tesla Model Y online training manual for collision repair centers and posted to Reddit by u/kreeperkarl, a diagram in the manual for the “Electrical Systems Overview” shows the Model Y’s front controller as having a function of “Tesla Air Suspension (TAS)”. According to the manual, the air suspension would be part of the 12V main input/output functions.

Some of the other functions that are part of the front controller include the HVAC system, wiper system, front trunk (frunk), and others.

I work in collision repair. Saw this in the new online training and familiarization for Model Y. Could be nothing….could be something. 😜 from r/teslamotors

This sort of reference to air suspension has been found before in a similar manual for the Model 3. Despite the reference, Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded to the information on Twitter to say air suspension would not be coming to the Model 3.

If this does eventually come as an option for the Model Y, it will be well after Model Y owners have installed aftermarket air suspension kits. Just this morning, we showed you on Twitter the first ever Model Y with air suspension installed.

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