Tesla Model 3 Owners, Is It Time To Upgrade?

With the used Tesla market soaring, and original Model 3 basic warranties coming to an end, is now the right time to trade up to Teslas newest offering of the Model 3?

The “Back Story”

Let’s start with the basics. The Model 3 began deliveries back in July of 2017 as a premium mid-sized sedan with a starting price of over $49,000 USD. Choices were scarce, as they were limited to exterior color, Autopilot package, and wheel type, that’s it. At the time, the only variant available included the Tesla premium interior, a long range battery, and a single rear motor.

Historically this version of Model 3 was called the “first production LRRWD”, or Long Range Rear Wheel Drive. This specific vehicle is no longer offered new.  Fortunately, Tesla has instead released new variants including the Standard Range + (Rear Wheel Drive), Long Range All Wheel Drive, and Performance All Wheel Drive.

What Changed?

Along with more trims, and a lower starting price in the upper $30,000’s USD, these cars are different, and better than they ever were.

What are some changes that have occurred since “first production” till now?

  • Every Model 3 now includes a Hardware 3 Full Self-Driving (FSD) computer, which allows for full autonomy in the future with purchase of the FSD package.
  • A fresh new center console design, featuring a compartment covered by a sliding door rather than a magnetic pop-up cover.
  • Standard front passenger wireless phone chargers.
  • 4 USB-C ports, instead of the previous generation USB-A ports.
  • Included Sentry Mode USB, located in glove box.
  • A power trunk with height adjustable settings.
  • New, brighter headlights.
  • Basic Autopilot, now a standard feature.
  • Removal of front-trunk grocery hooks.
  • Addition of heat pump to increase efficiency and range.
  • Second generation front and rear seats with additional bolstering and cushion.
  • Standard black trim on exterior of vehicle | Removal of chrome.
  • Updated interior door panels.
  • New Pedestrian Warning System. (PWS)
  • Removal of front radar, and transition to Tesla Vision.
  • Increased wind-road noise dampening, including double-pane windows.
  • Refreshed wheel options.
  • Vegan, heated steering wheel on premium models.
  • Magnetic Visor clips.
  • Removal of adjustable passenger lumbar support.
  • And of course, longer range options ranging from 263- 353 miles. (423km-568km)

Now, this is a significant list of changes, but a Model 3 is built to last. Older Tesla vehicles still receive similar “over the air” updates as newer versions, and this is expected to continue. Retrofits will, and already are slowly being offered by Tesla Service, including PWS, and Hardware 3 computers.

But most importantly, keep the old or trade for new… the Model 3 will continue to protect occupants with its advanced safety features, and Top Safety Pick + ratings.

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