Even more in-depth look at the new Model 3 power trunk, headlights, and more [Video]

Tesla Offer new Model 3

Earlier this week we showed you the first look at the refreshed Tesla Model 3 by UpCar in Hong Kong, which showed off several of the new features on the electric sedan.

Now a new video has been released from Raymond at Tesla Offer, who was able to visit the same red Model 3 in Hong Kong and give us an even more detailed look at some of those features, and more.

In the summer Drive Tesla received leaked photos of the new headlights and power trunk. In the video we can see the new power strut on the left, which matches what we showed you in August, along with the new weather stripping to help prevent rain from entering the trunk area.Tesla Model 3 power strut


Raymond also gives us a detailed look at the center console, new USB ports and wireless phone charger. He was also able to notice a minor change to the design of the frunk. The emergency release button has been recessed to prevent accidental openings, a common complaint among current Model 3 owners.

New Model 3 frunk button

While he doesn’t mention it in the video when looking at the new black door sill plates, we also get a glimpse of the new graphite seat controls, which have replaced the old plastic covers.

New Model 3 seat controls

Check out the full video below to see more, including another shot of the new headlights which also match what we showed you earlier this week.

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