Hands-on test with Model Y and AMD Ryzen processor show greatly improved user experience. Is a retrofit coming?

Tesla started delivering Fremont-made Model 3 and Model Y cars with AMD Ryzen processors last month, just a few weeks after the same change was made at Giga Shanghai.

The chip gives new Tesla cars up to 10 teraflops of processing power, enough to rival the latest home gaming consoles like the Playstation 5.

We have previously a side-by-side comparison from China comparing the new chip to previous Intel Atom, showing just how quick it really is.

Now that more cars have been delivered in the US, we are seeing more tests appear on YouTube showing a greatly improved user experience with the AMD Ryzen processor.

In one such video from a Model Y delivered in Las Vegas, Nevada, we can see almost no lag when browsing through YouTube.

Even loading Netflix, something which is the source of many complaints from current owners because of how long it takes, loads in mere seconds.

Another video from a Model 3 shows even more footage of how much better the user experience is with the new chip.

Naturally this leads to the question of whether current owners with the Intel Atom processor will be able to upgrade and get the AMD chip.

Based on information received by Drive Tesla, the automaker will be offering a retrofit.

Details on pricing have not been determined, and as with any decision from Tesla, things can change, but we have been told it likely won’t be offered until closer to the middle of 2022.

You can check out the two videos below.


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