GMC Hummer EV will be twice as heavy as a Tesla Model Y

GMC Hummer EV

When the original gas-powered Hummer was released to the public in the 1990’s, the truck was probably known more for its gargantuan size than anything else.

It looks like GMC will be continuing the tradition of the Hummer being a monster-sized truck when it releases the all-electric Hummer EV later this year.

According to figures obtained by and later confirmed by the automaker, the Launch Edition Hummer EV will tip the scales at a whopping 9,046 lbs (4,103kgs).

That is more than twice as heavy as the Tesla Model Y, which weighs in at a measly 4,415 lbs (2,003kgs) in comparison.

Most of that weight will likely be attributed to the Ultium battery pack, which the automaker has said will be 200kWh.

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Even with the massive battery and heavy curb weight, the Launch Edition Hummer EV is still expected to have a range of around 350 miles (563km) and reach 60mph in an estimated 3.0 seconds.


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