Tesla Model 3 was revealed five years ago today

The car that changed the landscape of the automotive industry, the Tesla Model 3, was unveiled five years ago today in Hawthorne, California.

Tesla’s first two mass-produced vehicles, the Model S and later the Model X were amazing cars in their own right. But with high price tags they were out of reach of most buyers, continuing the belief that an affordable, mass-market electric vehicle (EV) was not possible.

Enter the Model 3.

Since its unveil, the Model 3 has undergone a number of changes from the introduction and discontinuation of new variants, to more than a handful of price increases and decreases.

Through it all it has become the best-selling EV in many countries around the world, the safest car with the lowest probably of injury in any vehicle tested by the NHTSA, and the car the forced legacy automakers to realize that electric cars are the future.

Do you remember watching the Model 3 unveil? Were you one of the day one reservation holders? Let us know in the comments below.

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