BBC Top Gear puts the Performance Model 3 against top rivals

BBC Top Gear Tesla Performance Model 3

BBC’s popular Top Gear automotive series recently got their hands on a Performance Tesla Model 3, and decided to put it against some of its top ICE rivals. Those vehicles included the BMW M3, Mercedes Benz C63 S & Alfa Romeo Giulia QV.

Top Gear host Chris Harris drives the Performance Model 3 in the first test, a drag race. To make things more interesting, instead of a standard ¼ mile race, it is extended to a ½ mile race. As well all know, the Model 3 has lightning quick off-the-line speed, but after a certain point ICE vehicles can catch up as the acceleration flattens out on the Tesla. In other words, they wanted to give the other cars a chance at possibly winning.

The second test seen in the clip is a slalom test against the Alfa Romeo. Harris drives the Alfa through the dry and wet track, and comments on how well it handles the corners. Once in the Tesla, he finds it less reined through the corners, but makes up time as it is able to shoot out of the corners with the instant acceleration we all know and love.

As Harris points out during the episode, the Model 3 is a turning point in the automotive world. The electric future is happening right now, with what he describes as a vehicle with the looks of a “fast fridge”, but so fast that it is like an “AK47 disguised as a butter knife.”

It turns out Chris Harris liked the Performance Model 3 so much after testing it for this episode, he went out and bought one after filming.

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