New DC Fast Chargers open in Yukon

Yukon FLO charger
Image credit: Government of Yukon

Electric vehicle (EV) drivers in Yukon now have more fast charging options as the Government of Yukon has installed two new DC fast chargers in the territory.

The new charging stations, located in Haines Junction and Marsh Lake, bring the total number of fast chargers in Yukon to six, all of which are available for public use.

“These new electric vehicle chargers will make it easier and more affordable for Yukoners to choose zero-emission vehicles, while helping to improve air quality and cutting greenhouse gas emissions,” said Member of Parliament for Yukon Larry Bagnell.

The chargers are operated on the FLO network, and are also part of a study on how EVs handle a harsh winter climate like that found in Yukon. Data gathered during the three-year study will be used to better understand how EV range and charging efficiency vary throughout the year.

Earlier this month Yukon’s new “Our Clean Future” plan was unveiled. As part of their goal to reduce overall emissions by 30% compared to 2010 levels, the government will offer rebates on the purchase of electric vehicles (EVs), electric snowmobiles, and e-bikes.

It is hoped the rebate program will help spur EV adoption, as the three existing DC fast chargers have so far seen very little use.


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