Latest construction update shows Tesla Giga Shanghai now has solar panels

A popular past-time for Tesla fans in Shanghai, Berlin, and now Austin, Texas is to perform drone flyovers of the construction progress at the newest Gigafactories.

These videos often provide key insights on the facilities as they go from mud pit to completed factory.

The latest drone flyover of Giga Shanghai has revealed Tesla has lived up to its mission statement and begun adding solar panels to the roof of the factory.

In a video by WU WA taken on September 10, 2020, the new panels can be seen on a portion of the roof of phase 2, which has just completed construction.

Tesla Giga Shanghai solar panels

The panels were actually partially installed on September 3, 2020 when Jason Yang conducted a flyover of the facility. Only a portion of the panels were installed at the time, and the angle of the video made it difficult to see what they were.

Tesla Giga Shanghai solar panels Sept 3

The latest video also shows hundreds of brand new Model 3’s in the parking lot, waiting to be delivered as the end of Q3 nears.

In August Tesla sold 11,800 Model 3’s in China, increasing from the 11,014 that were sold in July. Sales numbers in China should increase significantly later this year with the introduction of the Model Y.

h/t: Tesmanian

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