Tesla Model 3 to come with wireless charging pad and USB-C ports as standard

When the Tesla Model Y was released in the US earlier this year, two surprising additions to the electric SUV was the inclusion of a wireless charging pad as standard equipment, and new USB-C ports.

Not long after, made-in-China Model 3’s saw the USB-C ports make their way into production vehicles.

Now it appears both of these changes will soon be coming to the Model 3 in North America.

Multiple users on the TMC forums have reported being told by their Tesla Advisors that Model 3’s produced out of Fremont from June 4, 2020 onwards will include this new equipment as standard.

Here are the specific USB changes, confirmed to Drive Tesla by a Tesla employee:

  • 2 rear ports will now be USB-C
  • Driver-side front port will now be USB-C (which will power the wireless charging pad)
  • Passenger-side front port will remain USB-A

Since it is only June 8, it is unlikely and post June 4th built Model 3’s have been delivered yet. While we won’t know for sure until that first delivery, it’s probably a safe bet the parts will be the same ones included in the Model Y, streamlining the manufacturing process for Tesla.

When the Model 3 was first released, Tesla included charging cords for both Apple and Android devices for new owners. In mid-2019, Tesla stopped providing them, leaving owners to buy aftermarket charging cables or wireless charging pads.

If you’re waiting for a Model 3, is this a big enough of a change to make you want a June build? Let us know in the comments below.

UPDATE: This article has been updated with further information on the specifics of the USB changes (June 10).

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