Tesla redesigns the Model 3 frunk, but why? [Update]

Since Tesla launched the Model 3 in 2018, the only thing that has changed to the design of the frunk is the removal of the grocery hooks, which upset quite a few owners.

Now it appears Tesla has made an even bigger change, completely redesigning the shape of the frunk. While the change might seem innocent enough, it is a possible sign the automaker is getting ready to make an even bigger change.

Old vs new Model 3 frunk
Image source unknown. Email us for credit

According to a photo of a Model 3 built in August 2020 and shared with Drive Tesla by a reader, the shape and design of the frunk now resembles that of the Model Y.

As you can see, the width has been reduced, and it also appears to be deeper than the original design. The bigger change though is to the top of the frunk (where the grocery hooks should be). The plastic moulding now extends much further into the frunk, giving more space behind and underneath it.

Old Model 3 frunkNew Model 3 frunk

UPDATE #1: Thanks to a Drive Tesla reader, here are the dimensions of the new Model 3 frunk. They were also able to confirm their car does not have a heat pump.

UPDATE #2: The measurements below have been corrected.

Old FrunkNew Frunk
Width2'10 1/2"2'8" (2'5" if you include piece circled below)
Length1'6 1/2"1'2"
Depth9 1/2" to 10"10"

New Model 3 frunk dimensions

Tesla is well known for making continuous improvements to their vehicles, all for a reason. So why would Tesla make this change to the design of the frunk? The extra space gained behind the frunk could indicate the automaker may soon be implementing the new heat pump from the electric SUV into its little brother.

Heat Pump - MAY-JUN Model Y 2

If Tesla is able to introduce the heat pump into the Model 3, it could provide a big boost to the electric sedan’s range in cold climates like Canada, as it is much more efficient than the current resistance heater.

Related: Here’s what the Model Y heat pump sounds like with the acoustic cover (insulation)

For comparison, here is the new Model 3 frunk next to the Model Y frunk, which still appears much bigger than the new Model 3 frunk (click to enlarge).

Model 3 vs Model Y frunk

What do you think about this change? Is it for an upcoming heat pump, or something else? Let us know in the comments below.

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