First shipment of Tesla Model 3 Highlands destined for Europe spotted in China

Tesla is getting ready to ship a large number of Model 3 Highland cars to Europe from China. This is the first large shipment of the new Model 3 design after it was officially unveiled last week.

The shipment was spotted by drone pilot Wu Wa, showinghundreds of Teslas in the lot of the factory, with destinations outside China for the first wave of deliveries. The video shows at least four colors, including blue, white and red, all of them with longer registration tags indicating they are destined for the European market.

Giga Shanghai is an important production hub for Tesla. The EV maker ships the Model 3 and Model Y to the rest of the world from China, including Europe and Canada. However Canada is not part of the initial launch of the new Model 3 and it is not expected to arrive in North America until early 2024.

Tesla revealed the refreshed Model 3 last week. It only produces the Highland in China for now. The new Model 3s helped Giga Shanghai reach its two millionth milestone this week. However, it may not be long before the company’s American plants will be churning out the new Model 3 after undergoing upgrades.

The Model 3 Highland contains numerous changes, some cosmetic and others functional. It included additions like a second display for backseat riders, a Blind Spot Indicator, and new wheel designs. Tesla also refreshed the exterior to make it more modern with new headlights and taillights.

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