General Motors spotted benchmarking Tesla Smart Summon

It appears as though General Motors (GM) might be developing their own Smart Summon feature.

A Tesla Model 3 with GM manufacturer plates was recently spotted near one of their test facilities driving with no one behind the wheel.

According to GM Authority, the Model 3 also had a GM vehicle inventory barcode on the rear bumper, and was being summoned by a person nearby.

If GM is benchmarking Smart Summon, that means the company is working on their own version that will likely be part of the Ultra Cruise system.

Ultra Cruise is an upgraded version of the Super Cruise system that has additional features and will be reserved for the automaker’s premium vehicles.

Smart Summon was first released in 2019 and is designed to allow you to move your car to a target destination using only your mobile app.

The feature has received criticism for its awkward and sometimes slow driving habits, but it has proved useful in some situations.

Tesla is reportedly working towards releasing a “reverse summon” feature which is currently being tested in Canada.

It will reportedly have three different user-selectable modes that will allow the car to park itself in various areas of a parking lot.

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