Bargersville Police adds two more Tesla’s to its fleet as gas prices soar to record highs

Bargersville Police Tesla Model 3

The Bargersville Police Force is growing its electric vehicle fleet with an order of two new Tesla vehicles.

Bargersville Police Department was one of the first police departments to embrace Tesla vehicles for police operations.

The Police Force has been operating Tesla Model 3’s since 2019 and has seven vehicles within the fleet.

This latest procurement stems from record-high gas prices, making police departments throughout North America look for creative strategies to mitigate high operational budgets.

At the time of the first purchase, gas prices were around $2.70 per gallon. Now gas prices are closer to $5.00 per gallon.

Each Tesla vehicle costs the department around $60 per month in electricity. In comparison, each gas vehicle in the fleet costs the department around $550 per month.

“It’s come out to save us and the taxpayers a lot more money than what we had originally anticipated,” officer Jeremy Roll told Fox59.

Thus, moving to electric is a no-brainer for the department, which has long used electric vehicles in operational and non-operational situations.

Currently, the department has four EV chargers for the Tesla’s at its new headquarters.

The department also plans to add a free public charger in the near future.

The new Tesla vehicles will be Model 3’s like the rest of the fleet.

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