Tesla Model Y owners shows off a perfect use case for Smart Summon

A Tesla Model Y owner in rain-soaked Miami Beach, Florida has given us one of the best examples of why Smart Summon can be such a useful feature.

The Full Self-Driving feature was first released in the big V10 software update last year. Since then we’ve seen some great examples of it in action.

Unfortunately we’ve also seen our fair share of situations when it was probably ill-advised to have your Tesla drive to you, like this case in a crowded parking lot in Richmond, British Columbia.

This latest example from Florida falls into the ‘great’ category. The owner of this blacked-out Model Y was doing some shopping when it rained heavily for about an hour. Upon returning to his vehicle, the area surrounding it was completely flooded with about 6 inches of standing water.

Rather than get his shoes soaking wet, the owner pulled out his Tesla mobile app and initiated Smart Summon. As you can see, the Model Y was able to confidently make its way to its owner, stopping only once due to a truck sticking a but far out of a parking spot.

Check out the full video and let us know what your best use of Smart Summon has been in the comments below.

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