Tesla increases Model 3 Performance price in the US and adjusts interior pricing options again

Tesla has increased the price of the Model 3 Performance in the US for a second time since its launch less than one month ago. Along with the price increase, Tesla again tinkered with the pricing for the interior options on all trims of the new Model 3.

There have been no similar price adjustments in Canada.

Tesla launched the new Model 3 Performance on April 23, pricing it at US$52,990. The new Performance variant was more than just an update to its exterior and interior design, with a number of changes “under the hood” that also make it the fastest Model 3 Performance ever produced.

Seeing high demand for the car, Tesla raised the price by US$1,000 just four days after its launch. Now just a few weeks later and the price has again increased by US$1,000, now starting at US$54,990, according to an update to the online configurator on Thursday night.

Credit: Tesla

Fortunately this keeps the Model 3 Performance under the threshold to be eligible for the US$7,500 federal tax credit.

To help keep more buyers eligible for the tax credit, Tesla also made the option to upgrade to the white interior on the Performance variant free. When the Performance first launched in April the white interior cost US$1,500, then Tesla lowered it to US$1,000. Now it can be added at no charge.

Credit: Tesla

It wasn’t only the Model 3 Performance that saw changes to interior option pricing. Except it wasn’t good news for buyers of the Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) and Long Range (LR), who will now have to pay an extra US$500 to upgrade to the white interior, as it now priced at US$2,000.

The white interior option remains at C$1,300 in Canada for all trims of the Model 3.

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