Beaded Basin is the official name for the new Model 3 frunk, mats coming soon

Last week Drive Tesla was first to report on the new frunk design for the Tesla Model 3, and the possible reasons behind the change.

Tesla has now updated their website to officially recognize the new frunk tub, and since there are now two designs, they have also given them names.

The new design is known as the “Beaded Basin” frunk, while the previous design will go “Smooth Basin. While not exactly creative, I suppose the names do a good job at describing the most noticeable feature of the frunk.

Along with the new names, the Tesla Shop was also updated. While the frunk mats for the new design are not yet available for purchase, the product page does show both designs, hinting it should be released soon.

Tesla Shop frunk mat

In looking at the Chinese version of the Tesla Shop, the new Beaded Basin frunk is not referenced, indicating this change has not yet made it to Shanghai. This is one of the more recent changes that has first appeared on a Model 3 out of Fremont. Earlier this year the wireless phone charger and USB-C ports first appeared on the made-in-China Model 3’s, with the new features coming to the US soon after.

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